Water Damage Photo Gallery

Overview of palm trees with a SERVPRO trailer.

Hurricane Sally

Our team is working hard to restore properties after suffering damages from Hurricane Sally. Many buildings suffered from flooding and mold growth. SERVPRO of St. Louis County Northwest is here always here to help! (314) 469-9000

Green air mover on the floor in front of a dehumidifier.

How SERVPRO & Insurance Providers Work Together

The relationship between a professional emergency restoration company and your commercial property coverage are essential in storm restoration and other incidents. It's very important to choose a restoration company that works with your insurance, not against them. 

Hallway with green SERVPRO equipment on the floor.

3 Contamination Levels for Commercial Water Damage

Water is necessary for survival, but when it enters interior spaces, it can cause serious damage quickly. If water has damaged your property, due to flooding or a broken pipe, it’s important to begin the cleanup quickly. 

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Three SERVPRO vans and one SUV parked outside a home.

Water Project

Our team all suited up and ready to take on this Water Damage Restoration project! We address water damage immediately and understand how upsetting this time can be in your home. You never know when a dishwasher will break or a gush of water will come in from a broken pipe.

locker room with green air movers on the floor.

Locker Room

Green air movers usually, but not always, indicate that a major water loss has occurred. In this locker room a pipe had sprung a leak from above causing a down pour on the items below. 

Ceiling cut out

Staff Lounge Ceiling

SERVPRO of Northwest St. Louis County had to remove the ceiling of this senior center due to an extensive access of mold growth. There was a water leak that had gone unnoticed which caused a horrendous amount of mold to spore. 

Kitchen with concrete floors and green air movers.

Apartment Damaged

For property managers a quick reaction time is absolutely necessary when it comes to apartments. If the damage is not properly reported and restored it will spread to other units. Thus, creating a bigger cost and longer down time from the units being used. 

Green air movers on concrete flooring.

Understanding Secondary Damage

If you have water damage in your building in Fernridge, MO, quick remediation is vital. If you delay or if technicians are not thorough, you will likely have secondary damage such as a black mold problem. The key to avoiding such damage is understanding how it occurs. Here are four additional problems that can happen if a water damage issue persists.

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Flood cuts in the wall with a hammer up against it.

Demolition Area

When water damage becomes so extensive, we have to take the necessary measures to remove the excess moisture from your property. Our team always checks for mold damage and growth in these large water loss situations. 

Five air movers on the concrete floor.

Basement Floor

Basement water damage can easily go unnoticed, and if this does occur mold can begin to grow. Mold is nobody's friend, yet it can easily spread around your home. Don't hesitate to call for help when you need it!

Green air movers on a grey carpet.

Water Restoration at AT&T

SERVPRO of Northwest St.Louis County is "faster to any size disaster." Water damage restoration is an area that our team takes great pride in. We had AT&T getting back to business in no time! 

Brown pallets stacks on each side of the concrete floor.

Reach Out

Don't ever wait to reach out to our team. We are here to help you twenty four hours a day. Our facilities also help us restore your belongings back their original state. We have a crew that works on restoring belongings of various materials. 

What is the fastest way to cleanup water damage in St. Louis?

SERVPRO is quick to respond to cleanup any size water damage in St. Louis. Once on site our team will quickly extract and remove all standing water. Once the water is removed, they will place air movers and dehumidifiers to finish the drying process. 

Bedroom Water Loss

After a water leak, the entire house suffered from a water loss in Maryland Heights.  There was significant water damage.  SERVPRO responded and brought in air movers to dry the floor preventing further damages.  Contact us for your water restoration emergency anytime 24/7/365.

Living Room Drying Equipment

SERVPRO of Northwest St. Louis County can quickly dry your area with these air movers.  The technicians have special cleaning techniques like this one with plastic to ensure quick drying times.  They removed baseboards to dry the drywall that was effected by the water in Maryland Heights

Laundry Room with Water Damage

This is the after picture of a laundry room with water loss.  The team at SERVPRO responded and found water damage to the floor.  They put down air movers to quickly dry the area to start rebuilding the room.

Drywall Tear Out in St Louis

SERVPRO has professionally trained technicians to restore any home or business back to pre-water conditions.  This home had the floors and drywall tore out affected by water loss.  The team responded quickly and began clean up process. 

Water Loss Equipment

SERVPRO of Northwest St. Louis County has the right equipment for your restoration emergency clean up.  The technicians have the experience and expertise to dry the area professionally and ensure validation of dry area after completed. 

Water Damage to Kitchen

SERVPRO of Northwest St. Louis County can respond to any of your restoration emergencies.  They responded to this kitchen in Creve Coeur after a water leak in the bathroom leaked down through the ceiling causing water damage.  They quickly began extracting the water to prevent further damages.

Our Office

Have you seen our office? We are the premier 24/7 water and fire restoration company in St. Louis. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out. Contact us at (314) 469-9000.